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"broken glass, broke and hungry, broken hearts, and broken bones…"

by Megan

I found my dream home! But it’s under contract… But it could fall through! Daniel and I actually went and looked at it today, and now we’re in contact with a realtor who says she can find us something that we like in St. David, even if this one doesn’t work out.

We aren’t necessarily actively house-shopping right now. The plan was to wait another school year to see if the Tucson job Daniel is interested in opens up, at which time we’d decide whether we want to settle long-term in Tucson or St. David. We’re both pretty much open to either option. Tucson has more opportunities and is closer to more things, but the distance hasn’t kept us from doing things there in the past three years, while living in St. David. And St. David has a great community, is safe, is a great place to raise a family, and we know everyone here. As it happens, the Tucson teacher will be at the show choir competition this weekend, so I’m hoping Daniel will be able to find out from her when she plans on retiring!

I was looking online at some houses for sale in Oro Valley (Tucson), and there are some great houses within our price range up there, so I was getting excited. Then Daniel mentioned that he was favoring staying in St. David, so I looked up houses for sale down here. Not much came up, but I went driving around to look at some the other day, and I fell in love with one of them! It’s $195,000, about a mile from the school, 1.3 acres of land, 4 bedrooms (plus a den/office which could just as easily be a 5th bedroom), 2 bathrooms, a two car garage with storage space above, central air, and plenty of other amenities. The exterior is gorgeous, and the location is perfect.

We have never gone to look at houses before, but I called up the realtor this afternoon, and we looked at it this evening. There is a sale pending, but it could always fall through. If it does, we will consider making an offer on it! The interior was nice, and we both said we could see ourselves living there. There was a nice room right inside the front door which could be a formal living room, and then a big open kitchen and huge dining room area, with a breakfast bar and lots of cabinets. There was a laundry room with a huge pantry, and down the hall were three bedrooms on one side, and the master bedroom with a bathroom, and the other bathroom on the other side. The den and garage were on the other side of the house. I saw lots of possibilities for making the inside work for us, so we’ll just have to wait and see if the sale goes through or not.

The lady who showed us the house said she would call me tomorrow and give me some more addresses of places to drive by and take a look at in town, to see if we wanted her to show us any more places, so that should be interesting. Who knows, we could end up with a house in the near future!

Like I said, we weren’t going to be actively house-shopping just yet, but if we found something we liked well enough and wanted to jump on the deal, we might just do it. Daniel likes his job here, and it really is the perfect situation. He is teaching everything he wants to teach, and he gets the opportunity to write his own music and shows for his students. I love the town, and I’m willing to travel into Tucson for any really good opportunity that might come up for me. I’m really tempted to wait until the Tucson job comes open, just so we have options, but I’m also excited to move into our own home, so we’ll just have to see what happens!!

The picture above doesn’t really do the house justice, but that’s it. Daniel saw the picture and then the house and was much more impressed with it in person. I drove past it, knowing the address but without having seen a picture at all, and I was just in awe that it was within our price range! I hate to hope that someone else’s deal falls through but…

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