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by Megan

A few weeks ago, there was a deal online where this dance studio (located on 4th avenue in Tucson) was offering a pass for a month of unlimited dance classes for $39.

Now for those of you who may not know, most dance studios charge about $40-$50 a month for one, 1 hour class, once a week (four hours of dance). Looking at their schedule, there were about 15 hours worth of classes a week that I was interested in. Now, I probably (definitely) won’t make it to all of those, but if I did, that would be 60+ hours of dance for $39. Crazy awesome deal.

So I took it!

The deal can be redeemed any time within the next 6 months, but once you start it, it’s only for the following 30 consecutive days. The website through which they offered the deal even gives it to you for free if you get three other friends to get the deal. I got two, just short!

I was going to wait to redeem it until August or September, because I figured I would have more free time then, and I’d be more in shape and feel better about being in dance classes.

BUT, most of the classes I’m going to be taking are fitness-based rather than dance technique, and my friends are taking classes now and not waiting, so I decided to start on Monday. I’m primarily going to be going to classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, because those days have the most classes I’m interested in, and it’s a long drive, but if I happen to be in town on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays, I might do those days too! I know I have to miss a Tuesday and maybe a Monday, but I’m just going to fit in as many classes as possible while trying to be smart about how much I’m paying for gas!

I’m really excited because not only am I getting to take a bunch of dance classes for cheap, but this should go a long way in helping me with my weight loss goals. For the next four weeks, I won’t have to worry about fitting in exercise, because I’ll be taking several hours of dance and fitness classes! Now I’m really excited about doing this now rather than later, because it should help me to get into shape quickly, before we take family photos in July!

Here are some of the classes I’ll be taking:
Dance Cardio
Pop Jazz Funk
Hip Hop 2/3
Tap 3
Cardio Kickboxing
Tone and Sculpt
Ballet Workout
Adult Ballet
Hip Hop 4 (if I think I can hack it)
and more!

I’m way excited!

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