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A Boy And His Cup

by Megan

My little man is not so little anymore! He will be 10 months this Sunday, and soon he’ll be moving on from formula to milk, from bottle to cup, from diapers to potty. HA HA, just kidding on that last one. Still working on big sister… ANYWAY, he is transitioning from bottle to cup, and Nuby sent us a little something to make that transition easier: the Nuby No-Spill 2-Handled Soft Sipper Cup!


There are several things that make the transition from bottle to cup easier, and one of those things is handles! If I know anything, it’s that babies like to grab everything! Handles are no exception.

Also, a soft spout that is similar to a bottle nipple soothes the transition, as they are familiar with the shape and texture.

And if you fill the cup with something baby loves, whether that’s juice or formula, he’s more likely to want to drink from it!


The Nuby No-Spill 2-Handled Soft Sipper Cup is easy to use and (even better) easy to clean! The spout prevents spills, and it promotes natural healthy drinking because it needs very little suction. It has been a perfect first cup for Harrison!

Harry and I have cut back on nursing, so during the day he mostly drinks from bottles or his Nuby cup. Vanessa gave up nursing at 9 months, and Carter nursed only at nighttime until 10 and a half months, but Harry might be my little mama’s boy, as he still nurses morning and night, and sometimes mid-morning and mid-afternoon! It’s nice, however, to have a little more freedom. I can leave him with someone else for the day knowing that he’ll happily take a bottle or cup!


Yep, my baby is basically becoming a man. Next up, college?

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