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Body for Life/Week 8

by Megan

Well this is a few days overdue, but those of you who have had babies know what it’s like trying to find time to do anything!

I knew I would have gained weight from my trip, and I did, but it’s coming off quickly. On Monday I weighed in at 165, Tuesday at 163, and today at 162. So that was some superficial weight.

I started Body for Life on Monday and wanted to quit about two hours into it! But I’ve stuck with it so far, and I think that if I can make it through the first week, then I can make the other 11! The eating plan is SO limiting, so I’m going to have to be creative if I don’t want to eat the same thing every day. Luckily there is a good website with lots of support and ideas.

And this is probably the wrong way to think but, considering how incredibly awful my diet has been, I think that if I even come anywhere close to following the eating plan, then I will drop about half a million pounds! Each week you get one free day to eat whatever you want, so on Saturday I’ll probably eat an entire pizza or something!

I really like the exercise plan, but I haven’t been able to do the weight training yet, because I couldn’t find the weight set I wanted. I finally ordered it online today. If I have to add on an extra week at the end of the 12 because of missing a few workouts, I will.

Oh, and Kadi will hit me if I quit, so that’s good incentive. She hit me once when I said I didn’t like chick flicks (which she denies!), and it hurt, so I can only imagine how hard she would hit me if I quit this program!

Well this is short, but I can hear Carter stirring, so time to feed the baby!

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