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Best Home Fitness Equipment

by Megan

You can workout at home without needing any home fitness equipment. In fact, one of my favorite workouts is this Beginner Bodyweight Home Workout, which only requires yourself and a little bit of space! But, there are some great fitness products available that can help enhance your at home workout, and today I’m going to share my favorites with you.

home fitness equipment

You don’t have to load up your space with huge exercise machines to get a great burn. Nor do you have to buy everything all at once. Choose the fitness equipment that fits your needs, and build your home gym over time.

If you love to run, invest in shoes and some safety reflecting gear. If you want a quick, effective cardio workout, you might just need a jump rope! Want to build muscle? You’ll definitely want some hand weights.

These are affiliate links to my favorite items, so if you decide to make a purchase, I get a small commission (no extra cost to you!). Here we go!

Best Home Fitness Equipment

Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Adjustable Dumbbell Set– This is what I use, to save space!

Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell Set with Rack– All the weights you’ll need for these at home workouts

Yoga Mat

Exercise Mat– For your comfort

Jump Rope

Jump Rope– Cheap but crazy effective cardio!

Doorway Chin-Up Bar

Doorway Chin-Up Bar– Install in any doorway, and it’ll be there when you need it!

Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball– Great for Russian Twists, work those abs!


Kettlebells– An alternative to dumbbells, these can be used to work most muscles.

Gymboss Timer

Gymboss Timer– Set your intervals and you won’t need to pause your workout to keep restarting your timer.

TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Suspension Trainer– If you have a free doorway and some ambition, the TRX has exercises to work your whole body.

Weight Bench

Weight Bench– Get one with several settings for both incline, decline, and flat positions.

FitBit Blaze

Fitness Watch– The FitBit Blaze is on my want list, to keep track of calories burned while I work out.

And if you’ve really got space and money to burn…

Home Gym

Home Gym!

I hope you like the list I’ve put together, and that it helps you find what you need to get an awesome workout at home. What do you think- anything here that’s a must-have for you? Did I miss anything awesome that I need to know about?! Leave me a comment and let me know!

best home fitness equipment
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