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Best Educational Shows on Netflix #StreamTeam

by Megan

School is back in session, in the actual schools and here at home, too! My Vanessa is four-going-on-(thirty)five, and next year she’ll be headed to Kindergarten! She’s one smart little cookie, so my goal for this school year is to get her reading before she starts school.

Best Educational Shows on Netflix

She is well on her way! She can write her name, “I love you,” and pretty much anything else as long as you help her spell it. She knows all of her letter names and sounds and is starting to sound out words.

It’s fun to work with her, but we both need a break after awhile, so she gets some screen time every day. Now of course some of the time she wants to watch My Little Pony and homemade princess videos (hence the other day, when she told me, “Hashtag, don’t need a man.”), but I like it when she watches educational shows that help to reinforce the things she’s learning.

Today I thought I’d share our favorite educational shows- those I feel really make a positive difference when kids watch them. As part of Netflix’s “Stream Team,” I am compensated with a free membership in return for my monthly posts featuring our favorite Netflix picks. We love Netflix because there are perfect shows and movies for everyone in our household. And it’s very inexpensive- in fact, here is a way you can get Netflix for free, with a smart finance hack!

Onto our picks!

Best Netflix Educational Shows

LeapFrog Letter Factory


There are a bunch of LeapFrog titles on Netflix, and they are all great educational shows. My oldest, Carter, basically learned his letters from watching Letter Factory. Great picks for any kid who is learning to read!

Super Why!


Something about the Super Why music takes me back. Every time I hear it, I remember when Carter was younger and loved to watch Super Why in the mornings. I love the show because it’s very entertaining for the little ones, and it encourages them to shout out answers to questions.

Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

Here’s a flashback for you. “Butterfly in the sky…” If you were born in the 80s, you can probably finish that line. Netflix has brought back Reading Rainbow so you can revisit your favorite classic books with your kids!

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus

And speaking of flashbacks, if you have a kid who is really into the “why” of things (in other words, asks a LOT of questions), he or she might love The Magic School Bus.

How The States Got Their Shapes

How the States Got Their Shapes

For kids (or adults!) who are into history or traveling, check out “How the States got their Shapes,” a fascinating series that looks at the geography and history of the United States. I know Carter would love this show; he is really into facts lately and is always telling me new things he’s learned.

Those are our top educational picks. A little screen time every day is not only an entertaining break for kids; they can be learning at the same time!

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