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Benjamin Button Halloween Costume

by Megan

Need a cute and unique idea for a toddler Halloween costume? Look no further! Dress that little one up like an old man and, boom, Benjamin Button!

Benjamin Button Toddler Costume

Carter is newly 1-year-old, so he’s walking and talking and just the perfect size to dress up as Benjamin Button for Halloween! It doesn’t hurt that the movie came out last year, so it’s still fresh in people’s minds…except those who thought he was a golfer.

A little age makeup and some old-fashioned clothes, and he looked perfect!

Benjamin Button Halloween Costume

Benjamin Button Costume

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This is a pretty easy costume to put together. We combined a white button-down shirt, argyle sweater vest, brown leggings (girls’), matching argyle knee-high socks (nowhere near his size- we cut the feet off!), and some dress shoes.

For the age makeup, I just used my eyeliner pencil and drew lines at the outside edges of his eyes, across his forehead, and under his eyes, nose, and mouth. There should be natural creases there, but if your baby’s skin is just too soft and squishy, take a look at your own to see where to draw the lines (sorry!).

On Sunday afternoon, Carter and I went up to my mom’s house so that he could go to the Rancho Sahuarita kids’ Halloween party. Everyone loved him! He was kind of the hit of the party.

They had a costume contest, and the first group was kids 5 and under, so I stood in line with him. The ladies who were choosing the winners kept looking at him and pointing, and at one point, I heard one of them say, “He looks just like my grandfather!”

They announced that there were ties for second and first places. There were two little boys dressed in handmade “coke” and “popcorn” costumes. They announced that the “coke” tied for second place, and when his brother came up with him, they said that the “popcorn” tied for first. They then said that the baby lamb was also in second place, and that also in first place was Benjamin Button!!!

I brought him up, and they handed him a ten-dollar bill, which he then tried to give back to them, but I made sure we kept it! Definitely worth the drive up! He was so adorable…as adorable as a little baby with age makeup on could be…

People kept pointing at him all afternoon, and one family came up to us and said they knew exactly who he was supposed to be, and that he didn’t need his button (my mom made him a button that said “Benjamin Button” cause we didn’t know if everyone would get it).

Anyway, definitely a fun time, especially since he won! We got to ride the little train again, which Carter LOVES!

On Saturday we have the trunk or treat and haunted house. There is going to be another costume contest, so we’ll have to try that one too! And they are having a pumpkin carving contest, which I’m going to enter, because I’m pretty good at carving pumpkins! We’ll see how those contests go! :) Happy Halloween!

Nothing cuter than a little baby boy who looks like a little old man. Dress up your toddler as Benjamin Button for Halloween! #Halloween #costume
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Beans October 30, 2009 - 8:16am

We all know, he’s kind of a big deal. :) And, cute as a Button! ha! ha!

Kadi October 31, 2009 - 5:23pm

Soooooo cute! I am such a lousy mom. It’s halloween and I don’t even know what Jessa is going to be yet. Oh well, the other kids are set and they are the ones who actually care. I wish we were in St David so we could see Benjamin Button in person!

rubyswan March 17, 2013 - 7:38am


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