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by Megan

After we had our murder mystery birthday party, I gave out Tony Awards to participants. Thought I would repost the list here.

The Most Convincing Monologue Award goes to…..Alma Kartchner!

The Most Impressive Commitment Award goes to…..Chris Tenney!

For Best Stunt Work (for her Chinese Fire Drill) AND Best Portrayal of a Character PLAYING a Character…..Lindsay Tenney!

Best Surprise Appearance goes to…..Rob Brubaker, for his scene in the park!

Best Inadvertent Celebrity Impression goes to…..Megan Tenney, for looking like Super Nanny!

The Most Likely to be Taken Away by Mall Security Award (and the Most Patience by a Planted Actor Award) goes to…..Larry Weeman!

For Best Voiceover Work (even though he had us looking for a park that didn’t exist!)…..Dallin Kartchner!

Best Decrypting of a Clue goes to…..Shella Brubaker, for figuring out the g-string clue!

The Catering Service and Best Furthering of the Story Awards go to…..Sharon Weeman!

Best Costume Design and Most Likely to Crash a Little League Game Awards go to…..Cynthia Kartchner!

AND Best Script, Direction, Production, and General Hard Work Awards go to…..Daniel Tenney!

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