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How to rock at being the *BEST*PARENT*EVER*!!!

by Megan

Hey Shaping Up to Be a Mom Readers! Popping in to post on Megan’s sweet blog here while she’s on vacation! (Anyone else wish they were with her?! ) I actually just got back from vacation except- with two kids along, I think you’d be better off calling it a workation or something! Still lots of great memories though so worth all the work!

I’m Laura and I write over at Bits of Sweetness about the journal of everything sweet, crazy & a little bit of love too. (We got it all folks!) You can find me around on Bloglovin, Instagram, FB, Pinterest, & Twitter too.

I could insert some beautifully composed photo about now, but I’m going to give you some real life us.
My hubby Josh, myself & baby girl(due August!), Adrian (21 months) & Andrew (6)

Yep. Told ya. This was at our older son’s Kindergarten end-of-year music program. Cue him wearing a  too-small stained white shirt  (only one we could find last minute! I mean, I do have boys- I pretty much run from anything white!!) Cue cheesy smiles all around and half of us not even looking at the camera.  But hey- it’s a great memory! And, despite all the imperfections, I love this.

Expecting our third, (although, first girl!!) I feel like we’ve maybe learned a thing or two along the way, so I thought I’d share some things with you that help us rock this crazy parenting journey!

Number One
Stock your shelves with some good parenting books!
I mean, they know your kids better than you do, right?!

Some of our favorites(pictures are linked):


Number Two
Only feed them the healthiest food in your pantry. I mean, their GPA is on the line here guys!

Number Three
Don’t believe for a second that they aren’t capable of keeping their rooms absolutely spotless.This goes for every.single.day guys!  I mean, they might be kids, but we underestimate what they can do! They will learn this on their own too! It’s quite amazing!

These were only the things under his desk!

Number Four
You should only plan big memorable moments. Those little everyday ones? They probably won’t remember them. (Especially if they are free!)

Number five
You should never let your kids make decisions on their own! I mean, their sense of individuality needs lots of help to develop through the years and we don’t want them making bad choices here! We are their protectors! 

Shorts over pants in case it rained and he got wet! That way his pants would be dry!

And messes? Enough with the messes! You’ve used enough baby wipes already today!
This can’t be green for the planet to let there be messes!

Number six
Don’t take too many pictures of them. I mean, they’re likely to have their egos suffer from all these crazy shots floating around on the interwebs! Can you imagine their horror later??

Number seven
Sane parents abide strictly by a schedule. Never. Ever. veer from it. Ever.
You might lose your mind if you do! And before you know it, your kids will be running the show!

Three a.m. bath time I never planned on, but so. sweet!

Number eight.
Careful how much you let them melt your heart. Too much love? You gotta watch for that!

Number nine.
Only let them play with structured activities and toys. I mean, the latest studies totally show that thinking outside the box too much produces kids who do things like take risks, and you don’t want that now do you?!  Cause, I mean, that looks like more ER visits!

Number ten.
Yeah, better watch that love. Your kids seriously might pick up on it!
I hear there are consequences for that!

Honestly? The only advice I have is this:

Love lots.
Laugh more.
Learn to let go of any preconceived ideas you had of how things were supposed to go.
(Things rarely go how we plan anyways, right?!)
Believe that you’re not screwing up your kids!
It’s ok if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing!
(Six years in and we still don’t know some days!!)
Find a good community! (my favorite is MOPS!)
Most of all? Just embrace the beautiful life you already have!
The one you wished for probably wouldn’t be as great anyways!
(And, I mean, the grass might seem greener, but there are still dandelions, and someone has to mow it!)

(And, if you’re wondering, we have plenty of not-smiling photos too! My Instagram feed would vouch for that! I try to post a bit of real life, so be prepared for Mt. Laundry, pictures with waterspots on the mirror, and a cute moment with some toys all.over.the.place in the background!)

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