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Give Beauty for Christmas

by Megan

2013 gift ideas

Oh, you know what that means, don’t you? Time for another gift recommendation from ME!

I’ve always been interested in the subscription boxes out there, but I’ve hesitated to commit to one. They come in all sizes, prices, and variety of products offered, so there is definitely a subscription box out there for everyone! I got the chance to review the Beauty Box 5 subscription box, and I’d love to show you what came in it!

beauty box 5

The Beauty Box 5 ships monthly and includes a mixture of 5 travel, deluxe, and/or full-size samples, including luxury, commonly-known brands, and niche brands, with products from makeup and hair care to fragrances and tools.

I loved the variety of the items that were included. Shampoo and conditioner, eyeliner, oil-absorbing tissues, and lip gloss. Here’s what I thought of them:

1. Coolway Shampoo and Conditioner

First of all, I was happy to get shampoo and conditioner because, well, I’m out! I was a little confused because they both say “The Low Heat Revolution” on them, but didn’t explain what it meant. I went on the CoolWay website, and now I see that they offer other products with the aim to be able to straighten your hair with low heat. The shampoo and conditioner are made with healthy-for-your-hair ingredients and are supposed to work well with the other CoolWay products.

I just used the CoolWay Shampoo and Conditioner by themselves, and I didn’t notice a major difference from any other hair care products, but they did leave my hair shiny and smooth!

2. Model Co eyeliner

I’m a dedicated black eyeliner user, so it was great to try out a brand I hadn’t heard of before. It’s a pencil, which I was wary of, since I usually use a gel liner, but it went on very nicely and held up throughout the day. I will definitely use it!

3. Jean Pierre Cosmestic Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues

These are supposed to remove shine and oil from your face. Honestly, I didn’t notice any difference, and judging by the look of the paper before and after using it, it just didn’t do anything. However, I do not have very oily skin, so someone who does might have better results.

4. be a bombshell lip gloss in taupeless

This lip gloss I LOVED! I do not usually wear lip gloss, and I’m not a fan of bright colored lipstick, so that’s probably why I liked this so much. First, it is the perfect shade of nude. Second, it’s not goopy like other lip glosses and I felt no need to blot. Third…I just liked it! I would wear it everyday, and I would buy it again.

So just as with any collection of products, you would probably find some winners and some that weren’t right for you. But the fun is in trying out new things every month! One of my 30 before 30 items is to figure out which beauty products and brands work for me and to stick with them, but I know that I will always want to experiment and try out new things. The Beauty Box 5 is the perfect way to do that!

If you are thinking of gifting the Beauty Box 5 (to yourself or someone else!), you can get all the details on their website. Right now they are offering an incentive to new subscribers: gift cards to soap.com! Find out more here.

19 shopping days left! How much Christmas shopping do you have left?

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