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Beat the Post-Vacation Blues

by Megan

The smell of the salt water, the ocean breeze blowing your hair, the sound of flip flops on a boardwalk… Vacations can be so recharging, but inevitably the day comes when we have to return home!

We just got back from a pretty epic summer road trip, and I know what happens next: the post-vacation blues! It can be hard to transition back into regular life after a big trip, so I’m going to share some tips for how you can do a vacation detox and get rid of the post-vacation blahs and blues!

Do you experience the depression that follows a great vacation? Nobody likes getting back to regular life, but these tips will help you beat the post-vacation blues and maybe even make "regular life" better than ever!

5 Tips for a Vacation Detox and Getting Rid of the Post-Vacation Blues

  1. Drink Water
    Hopefully you were better than me, and actually had some water on your vacation. But if you splurged a bit too much, it’s time to refuel your system with healthy foods and drinks. Traveling can leave you dehydrated and even sick, so reach for some water rather than a less healthy choice.
  2. Get in the (Time) Zone
    Whether you have jet lag from flying across several time zones, or painstakingly drove through each one, the best way to adjust to a new time zone is by acting like you would, on the current time.
    By all means, take a nice long nap if you need one, but when you get up, eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner, or brush your teeth and go back to bed, depending on what the current time is! If you don’t feel up to a big meal, eat something light. The sooner you act accordingly with the time of day, the sooner your body will follow suit.
    Our latest trip has me tired by 10pm and getting up at 6am…which is what I should be doing, rather than my usual “bed at midnight, up at 6, wishing I could sleep until 8” routine! Here’s my chance to stick with it!
  3. Do One Chore Right Away
    Reality can hit you pretty hard when you come back from a trip, so get one thing out of the way right away. Maybe that’s unpacking your suitcase or cleaning out the car. Get something done right away, and you won’t find out that you still have a suitcase full of dirty clothes a month later.
  4. Plan the Next Trip
    But you just got home! Studies have shown that we are happiest when looking forward to a future event, so ward off the post-vacation sadness by planning your next adventure! It doesn’t have to be another epic trip. It could be as simple as a special date night, or driving a few hours to see a friend.
  5. Make a Change
    I’m always sad when a great vacation ends, but I also tend to feel excited and energized about returning back to “real life.” It’s like a new beginning, and it’s an opportunity to apply some of the inspiration you gained on your travels. Maybe you learned how to surf and you want to continue taking classes. Or you got up and took a walk every morning and want to keep that routine.

It can be difficult to adjust back to the normal world after a trip. And the bigger and grander the adventure, the harder the fall. But if you use these tips and take care of yourself physically and mentally, you’ll bounce back in no time!

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