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Bada Bing Badaboum!

by Megan

I’ve made it to the third trimester! Last night I bought the first new items for our new baby on the way. I got a new cover for the Boppy pillow that I’ve been using since Carter was born (each baby has had his or her own cover), and I bought a super soft baby blanket. This little guy will be getting lots of hand-me-downs, especially in the clothing department, but he deserves to have a few new things all to himself, right?!

Earlier I pulled out the box of our smallest baby boy clothes, that Carter wore five years ago, and I had fun looking through some of the items. Carter thought it was funny to see the tiny clothes and shoes he used to wear.

One of my absolute favorite things to put on a baby is a baby bag or sleep sack. I have bought several for each of my children. They are just perfect for bedtime, since it can be somewhat risky to cover a newborn with a blanket.

So when I was contacted by Vanessa at Badaboum to review her unique, French-inspired sleep sacks, I jumped at the chance! Even better, one of my readers is going to win one, as part of the Showered With Love giveaway event which starts tomorrow!

A French expatriate in California with a newborn, Vanessa couldn’t find the kind of traditional baby sleep sacks all French moms use. Her strong fashion design background urged her to design her own, and before she knew it they were in high demand among friends and relatives. Soon after, she founded Badaboum to bring warmth and safety to Californian infants.
As a recent mom, she pays extreme attention to child safety and spends a lot of effort ensuring her designs are mechanically safe, not flammable and formaldehyde-free. Her son Mica sleeps every night in a Badaboum sleeping bag, and loves it!

The Badaboum sleep sacks come in two different sizes: 0-6 months for new babies, and 6-24 months for older babies and toddlers. Since my little guy is going to be born in the summer, I got the larger size, so that he can be snuggly and warm in the wintertime. If you live somewhere cooler than Arizona, or you keep your house temperature on the cool side, your baby could probably use this year round.

Since I got the larger size, I had my Vanessa try it out!

The sleep sack was much bigger than I expected, and it was only a little on the small side for my 90th-percentile-for-weight two-year-old!

With the snaps at the top and the zipper around the bottom, it is so easy to get the sleep sack on and off, and to change baby’s diaper in the middle of the night!

It’s super soft and cozy, and it’s made to go over baby’s nighttime clothes, perfectly taking the place of a bulky blanket that could shift during the night. This way, baby is comfy and warm all night long!

Badaboum’s sleeping bags are rigorously tested to meet high quality and safety standards. They are lined with 100% cotton for natural comfort. The filling is made from soft, breathable polyester padding allowing your baby and toddler to maintain a constant body temperature when asleep.

I love the Badaboum sleep sack, and I can’t wait for my little guy to enjoy it!

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Holly McKenzie April 1, 2013 - 2:32am

Its kind of neat to see a sleepsack for babies that are older then just newborns. I dont know that I’ve ever seen one before

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} April 1, 2013 - 5:19am

I love sleep sacks! we never used them for Saige, but a baby sleep consultant recommended one for Gabe and they are amazing! This post comes at just the right time as Gabe’s growing out of his 6-12 month sack plus Summer is coming so we require a lighter one. Ya for 3rd trimester! xo

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