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BabyLit: Classic Books for Baby

by Megan

This year when I attended Elevate Conference, I found the most adorable board book in my swag bag. It was a baby’s version of “Alice In Wonderland.” I opened it up expecting to find a shortened version of the story, but instead, I found beautiful imagery of the characters and objects from the story with text like, “White Rabbit” and “Yellow Teapot.”‘


All three of my kids fell in love with the book. My 6-year-old could read it, my 4-year-old memorized it, and my 2-year-old loved having it read to him.


We had just started our summer reading program, and Vanessa wanted to read BabyLit’s Alice In Wonderland every day to get points. She loved that she was “really reading!”


The book was such a hit that I contacted BabyLit to see if they were interested in sending us a few more books for Harrison’s birthday, so we could share them with our blog readers, and they said yes!

We got two more board books: The Wizard of Oz, and Don Quixote, and another book that I had requested, Edgar Gets Ready For Bed.


The Wizard of Oz board book is all about colors. Each page is dedicated to a color and has characters, places, and items from the story.


Don Quixote introduces characters and objects from the story, both in English and Spanish! I had fun reading that one to my kids, and they liked learning some Spanish words.


Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” Edgar Gets Ready For Bed stars Edgar the Raven, a little bird who just doesn’t want to go to bed! When faced with dinnertime, cleanup, and bedtime, he has just one word…(what else) “Nevermore!”


Poe fans will be entertained by this book and its follow-up, Edgar and the Tattle Tale Heart. There are a few inside references that you’ll notice if you know your Poe.

If you’re a fan of classic literature, and you have kids to entertain (or gifts to give), definitely check out BabyLit. You’re sure to find one of your favorites in the BabyLit collection.

And if you’re looking for something to go along with your book choices, they also sell puzzles, bags, apps, and more!

BabyLit, for the distinguished baby!
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