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Auditions/"Gosh, you’re so talented!"

by Megan

First of all, please note that the title of this post is not part of the quote contest. I will explain shortly.

As I mentioned before, I’ve committed to doing at least 10 auditions this year. My first was for Little Shop of Horrors, which I already blogged about. My second was my audition tape for Survivor. I would have heard by now if I was moving on to the next level for that (an interview), but I haven’t heard from them, so no Survivor for me. :( Grr, Jeff! “Pick me, Jeff!” I’ll do a better video next time around. This season is really good so far, though. Thursday nights at 7 (west coast).

My third audition was at Beowulf Alley Theatre in Tucson, for their lunchtime series/late night series. To make a long story short, I had a good audition (kind of two in one, but we’ll just count it as one). I first sang and did a monologue for the guy in charge of Late Night, and he liked me a lot. After hearing me perform and then talking to me and finding out what else I do, he said, “Gosh, you’re so talented!” Words I will never forget as long as I live! He was so genuine and obviously impressed; it was a nice boost to my confidence. Anyway, he made it sound like he definitely wanted me in his show (which was undecided at that point), and he said he’d be contacting people within 24-48 hours about it. More about that in a moment.
At the same time, I auditioned for the lunchtime series, but I wasn’t able to go to their callbacks, so I didn’t end up getting cast in that series. They are going to be doing more shows, though, so maybe I’ll audition again. The lunchtime series does 3 ten-minute plays during lunch hour on Wednesdays, different plays each month, and February (the one I auditioned for) was their first endeavour. Looks like it went well because they just auditioned for the next series (but I didn’t go). I was favoring the lunchtime (versus the late night) because I’m already in Tucson on Wednesdays.
SO, I didn’t hear back from the late night guy, but I was thinking that maybe the plans just fell through, because I knew he had liked me, and the scheduled performance dates came and went without any advertisement for a show. Anyway, he emailed me last week and said that the plans did fall through, but that they are doing a show in May, a musical, which he wants me to be in. He said they would be having a reading of it sometime mid-late March, so I told him I was interested, and now I’m waiting to hear more from him about that show. I’m pretty sure it’s an original, but I’m not sure who wrote it. And so much for making a long story short.

My next audition was going to be tomorrow, for a play about postpartum depression. I think I mentioned this before, but I auditioned for this play last year (they are reviving it for a second run), and I wasn’t originally cast, but the director contacted me later and asked me to replace an actor, and by that time I was no longer available to do the show. She emailed me personally this time around and asked me to audition tomorrow, which I was all set up to do, but then I got the announcement for the Thoroughly Modern Millie auditions! Basically, the two shows conflict, and Millie is my first choice, and since the director of the play will most likely be casting her show in the next couple of days and the Millie auditions are not for two more weeks, I’m not going to audition for the play. I wouldn’t want to be deceitful and have her cast me and then have to back out of it, and I also don’t see the point in auditioning and telling her that Millie is my first priority, because then she’ll just cast someone else. If the auditions were closer to each other, it would make sense to audition for both, but like I said, I’m sure she’ll be casting her show before
the Millie auditions even happen. It’s too bad because I was really interested in the play. They are touring and it pays and all, so I’m sad I can’t do both. I’ll be really sad if I don’t get into Millie! I’m taking kind of a risk, but it just seems to make sense.

So audition number 4 will be for Thoroughly Modern Millie, on the 24th, with callbacks on the 27th. I really want to do this show! It’s a big time commitment, with rehearsals every day except Saturday, but it’s only for five weeks. I’m going to listen to the soundtrack over the next two weeks and get really familiar with the music and try to get a really good audition piece ready. The auditions are “drop in” but we’ll be tapping, so that should be interesting. I’m not sure how much tap talent there is in Tucson. I guess I’ll find out! I’m not really going for the lead, but I suppose I always have a shot. There are several singing/dancing office girls, and that’s what I have in mind.

Sorry for the unnecessary details, but if you’ve been reading my blog you’ve gotten plenty of those! Wish me luck!

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