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Auditions 8, 9, and 10!

by Megan

Well, I made it. The goal was 10 auditions this year, and I fit them in.

Audition #8 was for Live Theatre Workshop’s production of Picnic. They were just looking to cast the two girls, and I figured I’d go for it. There were a lot of girls there, and there was one girl that the director seemed to like who I bet got the part. Ironically, I overheard that same girl trash talking her current director (who I am also currently working with). Not a good idea to say bad things about other directors at an audition, sweetheart, everyone knows each other! I chose not to pass along the comments.

Anyway, the cool thing about that audition was that there were two parts- a beautiful but not-so-smart girl and a smart but not-so-beautiful girl. I was asked to read for the pretty one. :) Okay, fine, the pretty one was also closer to my age, but anyway- it made me happy. The director said he would call everyone regardless, but I didn’t hear anything. I hate that. I don’t care if they don’t get back to me (although a quick email to say thanks but no thanks would be courteous), but when they say they will and then they don’t- that’s just bad business.
It was my first time using my new headshots, and I love them!

Audition #9 was for the Arid Rose Theater, (see the post on auditions 6 and 7- they are the company I went to interview for a choreography position, which ended up strangely). So they want to do a musical, and the audition notice said it was about Joan of Arc, but when we got there, he said they were looking at a few different musicals and a play. Daniel and I both auditioned, and I don’t think many other people auditioned at all. He told us then and there that he’d use us (which I also don’t like- call me two days later and at least let me think I beat out some people!), but we haven’t heard more, and who knows what they will end up doing. I’m on the fence about them… We saw the play “Art” there, which was pretty good, but they don’t seem to be getting any people involved. Something isn’t sitting right, but we’ll see.

Audition #10 was for Beowulf Alley. This was for the same guy who told me “Gosh, you’re so talented” (see my first audition post). I almost didn’t even go to the auditions. I wanted to audition, but I just didn’t feel like going out that night. But I figured that the one audition I didn’t go to would be the one that works out, and I was right! The audition was for a play called 16 Hamlets and an Ophelia, and they were looking for two guys and two girls in the 18-30 range. The play tells the story of Hamlet but in a lot of different, funny ways. Long story short, the director remembered me and actually said that he almost called me to invite me to the auditions, I read a monologue from the show, he liked me again, and he invited me to be in the play, as well as their Christmas show that is coming up. He gave me a Christmas show script and said he’d call me the next day. So I kind of got cast in two shows at once! BUT, after looking at the Christmas show script, I decided not to do that one, because it’s a compilation of pretty irreverent skits that I don’t feel good about.
But it looks like Hamlet is going to work out! It’s a very short rehearsal process- there is just one show scheduled for New Year’s Eve, part of Tucson’s First Night celebration. So I’ll even fit in the show before the end of the year!

So I have been so incredibly busy! Charlie Brown rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do Urinetown rehearsals on Wednesdays and some Saturdays, and I’m about to add in some Mondays. Daniel has been rehearsing for the community Christmas concert on Sunday evenings, and he is in the middle of all his school Christmas performances now. I also work on Thursdays and Fridays, and so I feel like I’m never at home. I am really enjoying the opportunities that have come up, but I will also be happy when these shows are over! I will always look at audition announcements, but unless something great comes up, I would like to spend most of the spring at home, enjoying my family and keeping our house beautiful. I would also really like to move cooking and gardening up a little higher on my priority list, so maybe I’ll find some time to learn more about those things. Our plan is to try for another baby in May, so I would be able to do a show late this spring or early this summer if something came up. I’m just really glad I was able to choreograph these two shows and be in another one in between babies!

So I haven’t really been in the Christmas mood at all, but I’m getting there. I bought Carter an adorable Christmas sleeper, so when I get down, I just picture him toddling out to the living room on Christmas morning wearing it and seeing all the presents under the tree! He’s such a cutie. He saw Santa today, and I thought he’d be scared, but he loved him! They looked a book together, and that was the picture we chose- it’s so cute. I’ll scan it later and post it.

Well enough of my rambling- that’s the update!

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Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tenney December 11, 2009 - 2:29pm

Good for you, lady! Very exciting… wow, ten auditions in a year. You are hard core! What kind of part is it?

Kadi December 11, 2009 - 4:03pm

Reading all this made me tired. I just can’t keep up with you, crazy girl! Enjoy it all!

Anonymous December 12, 2009 - 8:55pm

Hmm, so your wonderful supportive husband didn’t twist your arm and encourage you to go to that tenth audition? Interesting…