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Auditions 6-7

by Megan

I’m trying to fit 10 auditions into this year- that was Daniel’s challenge when he got me the headshot package for Christmas. I haven’t even gotten the headshots yet- but I’m setting them up sometime in the next few weeks!

Audition 6 was not great. I auditioned for the Great American Trailer Park Musical, which is a fun show. Mostly fluff, but some great music, and surely some great dancing. I had some really good audition pieces but it didn’t go well. First of all, I had emailed to see if they would have a cd player because the original audition announcement said they would, but then the follow-up email only said sheet music. They said that they would have one, so I practiced mostly with the cd karaoke cuts I had. Being smart about it, however, I also bought and printed out the sheet music for the same songs just in case.

Let me stop for a moment and make an important note: It used to be TOTALLY taboo to audition with a cd, but it is becoming much more mainstream. You should always assume you are going to be using sheet music, but if the audition announcement says cds are okay, then it’s usually actually a better choice because you know exactly what you’ll be hearing and can practice it. So anyway, it felt fine to be bringing a cd, but like I said, I had both ready.

When I got there, they didn’t have a cd player (of course). The director was ready to go and get one for me, but I didn’t want him to bother so I just used the sheet music. Anyway, it wasn’t really bad or anything, but one song was in a different key, and it just wasn’t the best audition, and I knew it. I don’t know if I’ve ever left an audition before knowing completely that I didn’t make it, but I knew this time.

Then, the next week, I had two things lined up- an interview to choreograph a musical (or so I thought) and an audition for a play.

First I went to the interview, and to make a long story short, I was there for at least two hours, along with another girl who was “interviewing” and some other people who were setting up rehearsal times for their play, and the guy in charge mainly just talked about all the shows he wants to do there. It would have been totally normal if the advertisement had said that they were getting together a theatre group and were looking for people who wanted to be involved (because that’s basically what they are doing, and what we talked about), but the advertisement mentioned a specific show and that they were looking for a choreographer, and it even had pay listed and everything, so it was very strange. It totally seems like the kind of group Daniel and I would get involved with, and maybe we will sometime.

Then I went to my audition for a play, which was being directed by a guy I know and have worked with before (actually on the play in which I think I did my best and most demanding acting performance). My audition went great- they liked me and the schedule would work out and everything, but I didn’t end up getting it. Oh well, that happens a lot. So is life as an actor.

So I had two not-so-good audition experiences, but most auditions I have go really well, and we have to have ups and downs, right? Plus, having an open (yeah right) schedule kept me available for an opportunity that came up a week or so ago which is working out perfectly… read on… or above, that is.

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