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Audition #4/#5

by Megan

First of all, Daniel and I put together our audition dvd and sent it to Hackmatack Playhouse in Maine. I worked at this summer stock theatre while I was in high school, and we’re hoping we might be able to get involved with their shows this summer while we’re in Maine. There are other theatres up there, but most aren’t going to work out, for various reasons. Some require performers for the whole summer, some are too far to commute, some just haven’t posted any information on their summer shows, etc. Anyway, we know they got the dvd, and now we’ll just wait to see if they have anything to offer us. With a dvd audition, I figure the best offer will be chorus roles and possibly internships, but that would be just fine. They are doing Anything Goes, and I included a tap routine on the dvd, so that would be really fun to be in. They are also doing The Producers, which would be another tap show for me (and I think Daniel would make a perfect Leo Bloom), but Daniel starts school before the show ends, so that one probably won’t work out. Their other shows are Our Town and The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

So the long-awaited Thoroughly Modern Millie auditions arrived, and I’m going to make the story as short and sweet as possible:

I went on the first night of auditions, and there were maybe 8-10 people there, and about 5-6 girls (18-20 year olds). Nobody really stood out as competition, looks-wise, and I didn’t hear any overly impressive singing (we were waiting outside, though, so I didn’t hear much anyway). Then we all did a tap combo together, and I was the ONLY person who could handle it. It wasn’t even that hard (for someone who knows how to tap, anyway). The choreographer had me stand in the middle in the front so other people could watch me, and when we did it by ourselves (one at a time), I was the only person who could make it through the whole thing without stopping or needing help or making mistakes. So I was feeling pretty confident when we left. There were hardly any guys, so I told Daniel that if he wanted to audition the next night, he would probably walk out with a lead role. So he did end up auditioning the next night, and there were only two other guys and one girl there. So we went to the callbacks Friday night pretty confident, just to be told, along with everyone else, that the director is postponing the show because of the poor audition turn out.

I don’t really blame him, because he wants to do a good quality show and doesn’t feel like it would be that great only using the people who showed up, though he did say that we could all be in the show… On the other hand, when I reaudition in November, there will probably be a lot more competition and maybe I will have a lesser chance of getting a good part.

Anyway, I had a really great audition, but it was a huge letdown to get my hopes up so high and then to find out that the show is being put on hold. I was looking forward to the show, and I didn’t originally think I would be anything more than in the chorus, so I shouldn’t be too disappointed. At least I know I can be in it, but I really had gotten my hopes up for a great part.

On the other hand, while there’s likely to be more competition the next time around, this is an opportunity for me to get more serious about losing weight and getting into shape for October when they have auditions again. I really think that if I can get myself into shape, then I will be a strong contender for a good part, regardless of the competition. My singing is good, my dancing is good, my acting is good, and they’ve already seen me and know me now. So maybe this will be the motivation I need to step it up. I will also have much more free time over the next two months than I thought I would have, so I can take that extra time to work out hard, every day.

It’s too bad that I didn’t do the other audition, because I figured this was going to work out, and I also was thinking of going to another audition for a play today, but after last night’s letdown, I just wasn’t in the mood. I also figured I’d rather have the free time and work on myself instead of doing a play that I wasn’t head over heels for.

So I shouldn’t be too disappointed. I really liked the people at the audition- everyone seemed nice and friendly, and I actually liked the director and think I could work well with him. I had heard that he wasn’t the nicest guy, and he is obviously an older, traditional, director who is set in his ways, but I like his professionalism. I am free in the fall to still do the show, and at the very least, I will be able to be in the chorus. The choreographer knows what she’s doing, and I’m excited to work with her and learn new choreography. She’s planning on teaching a tap class over the summer, especially for the girls who auditioned, trying to get them ready for the show, but we probably won’t be around for it. That’s too bad because, eventhough it would probably be easy for me, it would be good exposure.

Anyway, a couple of well-done auditions- one which we’re waiting to hear back on, and one which will just have to be done over again! Onto the next one- so is the life of a performer!

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