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Arizona Repertory Singers

by Megan

At the end of the summer, Daniel and I auditioned for the Arizona Repertory Singers, an adult choir in Tucson (the only one that auditions its singers). And we both made it in!

It was a huge ego boost considering how I haven’t sung in a choir since high school, but I nailed the audition! We had to sing scales, a song in a couple different keys, match pitches on command, repeat rhythms on command, and sight read the rhythm of a piece of music. Somehow it all just came out right! We found out later on that there had actually been some decent competition to get in.

We rehearse three hours every Tuesday evening, and we did a day-long retreat where we did a lot of exercises and rehearsed our music. We have four concerts scheduled in December, and there will probably be several other small performances here and there. It is a really nice addition to the holiday season to be able to sing beautiful Christmas music. I’m so excited for the concerts.

The music has been difficult- a great challenge, and there are so many pieces to learn! We are enjoying ourselves, though, and looking forward to performing.

Since joining the group we’ve realized what a major organization it actually is, and many of the singers have been in the group for years. In fact, at the retreat we all had name tags that had the year we entered the group, and one of the guys’ name tags had the year I was born! Anyway, it seems like once you’re in, you’re in for good, but I don’t know if I will continue on to do more seasons. I do like it a lot, but it is a commitment that I wouldn’t want to keep me from doing other things. We’ll just see how this year goes, being grateful for a musical/performance opportunity while being pregnant, and then decide what to do about next year next summer.

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