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Almost time!

by Megan

Less than 5 weeks until my due date now!

I’m getting really excited (and tired and achy and huge, etc), and I can’t wait to meet our new little one! I spent this morning getting the nursery all clean and organized and ready for her arrival. I think I have just about everything I need, and I’m not having a shower, so if anyone is feeling generous, diapers would be the most thoughtful gift!

We do not, as of yet, have a name for her. We have a handful of options, but nothing has jumped out at us as being just right. Hopefully when we see her we’ll know!

November and December were the absolute craziest, busiest months, and now I just have January and the beginning of February to get through. February will be easy (as easy as it can be when you are 9 months pregnant and have a toddler), because I’m going to stop working and going to rehearsals at that point. During the month of January I have the following each week: one 3-hour choir rehearsal, two 2-hour musical rehearsals, two days of work, and three hours of church on Sundays. I’m already through the first week, and now I just have three more to go! And the last week I will be working from home, so that will be less travel time at least (all of those above activities except for church are in Tucson).

I am happy to announce that I have gained a minimum amount of weight during this pregnancy! As of week 36, I have only put on 15 pounds, and I don’t expect to pack on the pounds in the final five weeks. So I fully expect to come home from the hospital at, or close to, my prepregnancy weight. Last time I was 17 pounds lighter when I got home, but I also don’t expect this baby to be as big as Carter was!

Of course in saying that, I do have to admit that I did not start this pregnancy at my previous prepregnancy weight! I gained 50 with Carter, lost 40 of it, and then put back on about 30! So after I get back to this prepregnancy weight, I’m hoping to drop another 40, to get back to my first prepregnancy weight!

I’ll write more entries on how I plan to do that, but for now I’m just going to see how much I lose naturally when the baby is born and the few weeks after that. I’m hoping the momentum of weight loss from giving birth will maybe continue just a bit into those next 40 pounds that I want to lose!

I also do plan on making some changes in the new year. Maybe not “resolutions” exactly, but there are definitely things I want to do better or differently. More on that later.

In other updates, Carter is very excited for his new baby sister! If I ask what he’s going to do when she comes out, he says, “hold her, change her!” I put it in his head that he’s going to change diapers… yeah maybe once he’s OUT of diapers! He does use his potty but not consistently yet, and I’m not pushing him at this point. He’s not even two and a half yet, so there’s plenty of time.

He is talking, and A LOT! In fact, sometimes I just want him to be quiet for a bit! It’s pretty adorable, though, and I love hearing him speak in full sentences. He can communicate pretty much any need (or want) that he has, and he’s a loving little guy who often tells us that he loves us! He has a great sense of humor and loves to be silly (such as using his toy saw on Daddy and saying “cut you in pieces, eat you!” …okay that was more scary). He is also super smart! He loves to do puzzles, can count to twelve, and is maybe about 75% as far as recognizing all the letters of the alphabet and being able to say something that starts with that letter.

So what else is new? Well, for Christmas I sent Daniel on a surprise trip to NYC to see one of the final performances of a musical that we both love, and last night he got to meet the composer and star of the show! He’s on his way back now, and Carter and I are driving up to Phoenix tonight to pick him up.

This spring I will be mostly busy taking care of a newborn and a toddler, but also on the horizon will be the show choir spring show, which is comprised mostly of original songs that Daniel has written for me! He’s going to have me do some of the choreography, and they will be taking the show to NYC in June for a city-wide festival of musical performances. Also, the shows I have been choreographing in Tucson don’t go up until April, so I will probably go back for the last few weeks of their rehearsals to make sure the dances are clean. Then, this summer I am choreographing Sweeney Todd for the best musical theatre company in Tucson, which will be performed on the mainstage at the equity theatre in Tucson! Definitely the biggest thing I’ve done so far as a choreographer, so I really wish it was a more dancey show, but I’m going to do my best anyway! And lastly, we’ll be taking a trip to Maine in July for about a week! By then it will be two years since I was last there, so I’m so anxious to go! We’ll be taking family pictures on the beach, so I’m excited for that and extra motivated to lose baby weight!

I think that’s all my updates for now! Perhaps my next post will be about our new baby daughter!

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