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9 months!

by Megan
My mom is getting ready for Christmas… My two little ones are my parents’ only grandkids so, yeah, they are doted on! My mom was taking pictures of them for her Christmas cards.

Vanessa turned 9 months yesterday, and as I type this (with one hand) I’m cuddling her while she downs a bottle of formula. Looks like she’s about ready to stop nursing, and I’m ready for it too. She isn’t even dependent on a nighttime nursing to get to sleep because we’ve been so busy with our show in the evenings, that my mom or Daniel’s mom has been putting her to bed a few nights a week. If she takes a bottle in the morning, then I’ll know we are ready to move on to the next stage!

She is such a silly little girl, and I love her!

Her big brother is pretty awesome too!

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