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5 Ways to Pamper Yourself Every Night (Spoiler: Chocolate Cake Ahead!)

by Megan

This post is sponsored by The Motherhood and Duncan Hines

If you’re a busy mom like me, I bet you have this same problem. You work hard all day, satisfying everyone’s demands, but when the kids have gone to bed and you finally have some time to yourself, you’re too tired to do anything!

This happens to me all too often. And even worse, I find myself wishing for some free time, not so I can relax, but so I can get more chores done!

Moms, you deserve to relax! Instead of dropping into bed exhausted each night, do these five things first to help you unwind and destress! #PerfectSizeFor1 ad

Moms, we can do this! We can RELAX! I know you see your husbands doing it. Yes they work hard, too, but they also know how to kick back and relax, so let’s take a lesson from them and do something for ourselves!

Here are 5 ways you can pamper yourself and wind down from your busy day, every day! They are not expensive, and they don’t take much time (I know, sleep is calling!). Time to unwind!

5 Ways to Pamper Yourself Every Night

  1. Take a bath with bath salts

    Or a bubble bath, or use a bath fizzy. Or don’t. Just get into some hot water, lean back, and close your eyes! It will help relieve your muscles of the stress of the day, and you’ll be prepped for some good sleep. I take a bath almost every day- it’s just my thing! Even just five minutes in the water can feel really good.

  2. Buy some comfy pajamas

    No more sleeping in your clothes! They don’t have to be expensive, but find a pair of pajamas that are so cozy against your skin and comfortable to sleep in that you just can’t wait to slip into them (after your hot bath!). Evening is a time to be comfortable, and if your pjs aren’t, then treat yourself to a new set!

  3. Get a soft blanket

    Kitty optional

    I’ve had the same blankets in our living room for years, but recently I finally threw them out and replaced them. I found a super soft blanket at Walmart for (I thought) $15, but then it rang up as $4! Four dollars! So get a soft blanket and wrap yourself in it and chill on the couch for a bit, after your bath and getting into your comfy pjs!

  4. Have some chocolate

    You deserve something sweet for making it through the long day! My latest favorite treat is the new Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1, Chocolate Lover’s Cake. Yeah, hear that? Perfect Size for 1. You do NOT have to share!

    Duncan Hines Dessert For 1 is perfect for a late-night treat, just for you! #PerfectSizeFor1 ad

    I love me some chocolate cake but I’m not going to be baking anything after a long day. Luckily these delicious little snacks are ready in just about 1 minute! And you can add anything you want to mix it up!

    My favorite is to add some minty goodness. I’ve been adding in some mint hot chocolate mix to the cake mix, and then after it’s ready I add some whipped cream and some chopped up chocolate mints. A great decadent late-night snack!

    Moms, take a minute for yourselves! Instead of dropping into bed exhausted each night, do these five things first to help you unwind and destress! #PerfectSizeFor1 ad

    Not a chocolate fan? There are 18 varieties to choose from (some are good for mornings, too)!

    How perfect is that?

  5. Dim the lights and take a moment to destress

    Many nights I just drop into bed, but it’s way more beneficial to mindfully put yourself in sleep mode. Take a moment to reflect on the day, note some things you are grateful for, and then peacefully snuggle under your covers and drift off.

    I know that some days are more difficult, and it might be hard to feel grateful, but if you can even think of one good thing that happened that day, you may set your mind at ease.

    Me, I fall asleep almost every night, picturing myself dancing. My husband and I sometimes fall asleep to calming instrumental music, and I drift off while pirouetting in my mind.

Ahh, just writing those ideas down made me feel a little sleepy and relaxed myself! Time to dance off to dreamland. Happy pampering!

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Elizabeth Seal May 20, 2017 - 1:33pm

Awww I love this so much, I can relate to those feelings of exhaustion! Love how these are so easy, I would never have thought of them :D xx

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