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4 Minute Workout

by Megan

4 Minute Workout

Fitting in exercise every day is difficult. Some days it just doesn’t happen. Luckily you don’t need to do hour-long workouts every day to get your heart pumping. I want to share a 4 minute workout with you today that is simple, requires only a jump rope, and you can do it in your own home. It’s a great way to sneak a little cardio into your day. It will leave you feeling energized and accomplished (you worked out!). I recommend doing it right before you shower in the morning.

The 4 Minute Workout:
100 squats with 10 double-unders every minute

Grab your jump rope and a timer (the stopwatch on your phone will do just fine, as long as you place it where you can see it).

With jump rope in hand, stand with your feet wide apart, and start your timer.

As soon as your time starts, begin doing your 100 squats. When the timer reaches 1 minute, stop and start jumping rope. You need to do 10 double-unders before you get back to your squats.

A double-under is when the rope goes around you twice in one jump. You don’t have to do them back to back; you can do single jumps in between the double-unders, and you may have to start and stop if you get caught on the rope.

Get them in as quickly as you can though, because time is still ticking, and you’ll start the double-unders again when the timer reaches 2 minutes!

As soon as you do your 10 double-unders, start your squats again, and count from where you left off. Now you have less than a minute for squats, because when the timer reaches 2 minutes, you’ll do 10 more double-unders, then back to squats. At 3 minutes, back to your double-unders! If you make it to 4 minutes before you get to 100 squats, then you’ve got 10 more double-unders!

The double-unders will get harder as you go along, because you’ll be more tired and out-of-breath, so you’ll be able to fit fewer squats in between the sets of double-unders. But you should be able to complete the workout within 4 minutes.

To make it harder:
One word: Kettlebell. Add a weight for your squats to make them harder. That will also cost you some time switching from weight to jump rope, adding a little extra difficulty.

To make it easier:
Count every 2 single jumps as a double-under. So you might have a jumping pattern like this: single, single (1), double (2), single, single (3), double (4), single, double (5), single (6), double (7), single, single (8), double (9), single, single (10).

If you’re looking for a way to fit some cardio into your day without committing to lengthy runs, the 4 minute workout is your man!

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