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30th Birthday Gift Ideas

by Megan

You may have heard I’m turning 30 this month. Because I haven’t stopped talking about it! But it’s true. A mere 17 days stand between me and the end of my 20s. I’m not going to pretend this post is anything other than what it is: a wish list! I thought I’d post my list of 30th birthday gift ideas, from the totally free to the less-than-free-aka-kind-of-expensive.


Now, I don’t expect gifts from really anyone except my husband (and my parents, but I know what they got me), but I’ll try not to gear this list TOO much toward him. I’m going to share some great 30th birthday gift ideas that I would love to get, and maybe they’ll get your ideas flowing, if you have someone you are shopping for!


1. Time

For me, it would be time spent working on my blog. This little obsession of mine has a tendency to require daily maintenance and fresh content, which makes it hard to find time to work on the back end. More specifically, I’m trying to work through all of my old posts in which the formatting got funky during the switch to WordPress. It’s a one-time-only-I-hope kind of job, but it’s taking a long time.

I would love, love, love to have some time to myself for some really focused work. I’m talking like a full day, and then another full day, and maybe a few weeks later yet another full day… I love my husband, kids, and family, but if I could get this chunk of work taken care of, it would be like a weight lifted off my mind!

2. Food

I’m not a fancy chick. I love me some Denny’s and some Red Robin, and both restaurants just so happen to offer free meals on your birthday (must be part of the Red Robin Royalty Club, but it’s free)! Take me to Denny’s for breakfast, Red Robin for lunch, and hey maybe a different Denny’s for dinner. P.S. This isn’t really totally free because you’d have to pay for your own meal, unless you want to sit there and watch me eat. Whatever floats your boat…

3. Music

Sometimes my husband writes me songs, and it is super totally romantic. Don’t be too jealous- he’s a composer by trade. Okay yeah, be jealous- sometimes he has a group of teenage boys sing me his love songs (2:35, it’s the second song…he, he didn’t write the first one).

So if you have any musical talent/equipment, songs are free!

But actually, what I want this year is to make my own music! I’ve been wanting to record some songs for literally years now, and my husband has the technical equipment and knowledge to help me achieve that goal, but we just haven’t found the time for it yet.

4. Help

Help with kids, help with housework, help with…no really just those two things! At the same time would be rock star status! My husband totally has rock star status, as he does this on a regular basis, but it’s always welcome!

May 2011 (37)Very old photo- that baby is now a spunky 3-year-old!


1. A Partial Gift

I do not recommend this one if you are trying to court a girl, but if she already took the bait and married you, this may be a good option. I really want a new headboard (loved our old one, but we upgraded from a Queen to a King), and it’s $250 at Walmart. Not crazy expensive, especially for a headboard, but it’s something I’m saving for. The other day I got to choose a $50 gift card (winner winner chicken dinner), and I chose Walmart, so that I can put it toward the headboard. If someone gave me another $50 Walmart gift card, because they knew it would help me toward my purchase, well then that would be useful AND thoughtful!

headboardIf it ain’t broke (just the wrong size), don’t fix it (get a new one).

2. Books

A fun book and a useful book. My husband and I have both read the Dresden series, and the latest installment comes out this month! Perfect inexpensive entertaining gift.

Or, give a book that adds value. I have heard fantastic things about “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk, and getting this book as a gift would be the gift that keeps on giving, as I could apply his tips to my endeavors.


3. An App

This could potentially fall under the “Totally Free” category as well. There are so many apps out there, for free or a few dollars, that could make a person’s life much easier, or maybe just something that would be fun for them! Last year my husband got me an app called “Pair,” which has since renamed itself “Couple.” It’s like a mini social media network for only two people. Very cute and romantic.

This year, the app I have in mind is called “Zombies, Run!” and it is a running app that combines a fun, exciting story line with exercise! SO unique, and perfect for this wannabe runner/in-shape person.


1. Repair Something

My bike. My mom gave me her old cruiser bike, and it had a flat tire. I “fixed” the flat tire only to find out that either the new one was also flat, or I made a mistake somewhere. I would love to have it fixed so that riding it would be an option. My son asks to ride his bike every day, and I let him ride around the cul-de-sac, but if I had a bike, we could go further together.

2. Indulge a Hobby

I want to take singing lessons. I’ve been singing for years, but I haven’t had regular coaching since high school, and I would love to work with someone and improve. I would especially want to work with someone who has experience with Broadway style/belting, since that’s my weak area. Any kind of classes or lessons would be a variable cost, and you’d have to decide how many lessons/months/whatever you are going to pay for it.

I’ll just leave this right here.

3. Invest in Self-Improvement

Not your self-improvement, but that’s actually a really good idea too! How does your birthday gal or guy want to better her- or himself? For me, I’ve been working hard at getting into shape and losing pregnancy weight from three babies. I’ve come really far, but the closer you get to your goal, the harder it gets (with weight loss anyway). I recently heard about the P90X3 program, which is a series of workouts, similar to the regular P90X program, but they are all 30 minutes. Ain’t nobody got time for the regular program. Especially not when Tony is telling me I can do it in 30 minutes. This is something that could potentially be borrowed from someone or “borrowed” from someone. #Ididntsaythat


1. Diamonds

Really doesn’t need an explanation. A (normal) girl will never, ever, be disappointed with nice jewelry.


2. A Quirky Gift

A not-so-normal girl will never, ever, be disappointed with a weird, quirky, expensive gift that she really wants. This odd duck wants the Aurora Lucid Dreaming Sleep Mask. Coming out in June? I think?


3. Something Useful for the House

Garage shelves. My poor, well-organized bins are caving in on one another.

home-depot-garage-shelvesAlmost as beautiful as those diamonds…

4. Ultra Romantic

I’ve said it before, but I rented my wedding dress, and I regret it. I’m so hoping that someday I can buy the dress I wore from the rental shop. I know it will just sit in storage. Still.


Okay friends, that is my 30th birthday gift ideas list! I hope it gives you some starting points to think about, and remember that the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Or Denny’s.

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Emmy May 6, 2014 - 1:22pm

Happy almost birthday!! Time is the best gift for me (my bday is this month, too!). One year my husband simply agreed to take the kids for an entire day and got me a hotel room (he had points, so it was cheap!). I got my hair cut, went shopping, took a nap, watched trashy reality shows, ate all my meals in peace without a toddler pawing at me. It was HEAVEN!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang May 6, 2014 - 9:59pm

Do you KNOW how adorable you are?! Yes, I will take you to Dennys and watch you eat :)

Lisa May 20, 2014 - 5:33pm

Thanks for posting this! I am trying to plan what to get for my sister who is my best friend and your ideas have helped me! I know it’s not quite the same, but I am an artist and I make wedding dress sculptures out of clay. I would love to do this for you so you can have a physical representation of your dress you could display. I would need some photos of you wearing it. You can check out y blog to find more details. lisamartineauartist.wordpress.com

Happy Birthday!