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My #30Style

by Megan

One of my 30 Before 30 goals is to define my style and overhaul my wardrobe. As I am turning 30 in two months, and as I have just lost over 50 pounds (40 baby weight, 13 extra, with 40ish to go), I wanted to take a hard look at what I have and what I want to have. That’s how #30Style was born.

I have never had a “style.” I have preferences. I have things I gravitate to. But in the past, my clothing decisions have been made based mostly on whether or not something fit. Design and color didn’t matter. If it fits, then it must look good! Wrong.

I have piles and piles of clothes but only a handful of pieces that are truly flattering. I want to change that and have a modest amount of clothing and look amazing in all of it!

I look good in jewel-tones and neutrals. I generally cannot rock pastels. Yellow, orange, no. Button-down shirts don’t work for me. Capris must be 1-2 inches below my knee, or otherwise I need to wear long pants; anything in between those lengths won’t work.

Yes, it has taken me 30 years to realize these things.

Forever ago I wrote down a list of words that I thought represented my style, or the style I wanted to have. I would say it’s still pretty accurate.

my #30style

My goal in the next few months is to strip down my wardrobe (see what I did there?) to the best of the best, and go shopping (whoo hoo!) to get new pieces to fill in the gaps.

I went shopping recently and found some really great items. It’s finally fun to get dressed again, for the first time in…6 years? At least. Now my task (this week!) is to get all of our laundry done, so I can look at everything at once, get rid of stuff that doesn’t work, and then make a list of the things I need.

Here are some outfits I wore this week, including some of my new items:

#30Style looks

I will continue to report as I work on this goal: what I’m looking to buy, what I end up buying, the outfits I put together, and how much clothing ends up in bins or given away! I also have a Pinterest board for my #30Style, to act as both inspiration and my shopping list. Feel free to follow!

What are your clothing must-haves, and how has your style changed as you’ve matured?

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