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Baby Steps to a Better You: 30 Days of Personal Challenges

by Megan

In September, we took on a challenge…30 of them actually! Every day for the whole month, I published posts on a variety of topics, designed to help you on your way to your goals. Each day included a challenge to help you get healthier, do something easier or faster, to relax, or get something done!

Baby Steps to a Better You: 30 Days of Personal Challenges

Today I’m going to give a quick rundown of all 30 posts and challenges, so that you can use this page to go through the 30 days at your own pace, or to quickly choose which challenges you want to try.

Try committing yourself to following along for 30 days, and you’ll see how Baby Steps can lead to a Better You!

Day 1: Baby Steps to a Better You: Welcome
Challenge- Set your goal, and identify and take the first step.

Day 2: Beginner Bodyweight Home Workout
Challenge- Do 10 pushups.

Day 3: How to Begin Eating Paleo
Challenge- Change one eating habit for one week.

Day 4: Denny’s and No Kid Hungry
Challenge- Choose a cause.

Day 5: Make-Ahead Easy Smoothies
Challenge- Eat breakfast.

Day 6: Bulu Box Review
Challenge- Take a vitamin.

Day 7: At Home Leg Workout
Challenge- Do 10 pushups and 10 situps.

Day 8: 5 Sweet Tips for Cutting Out Sugar
Challenge- Cut out sugar for three days.

Day 9: From Maybe to Baby: Still TTC
Challenge- Do something nice for someone.

Day 10: Should You Hire a Housecleaner?
Challenge- Eliminate your least favorite chore.

Day 11: Sexy Shoulder Workout at Home
Challenge- Set alarm 30 minutes early.

Day 12: Checking Off My Bucket List
Challenge- Take 2nd step toward your goal.

Day 13: Paleo Grocery List & Eating Paleo on a Budget
Challenge- One day of not eating out, or one day of no processed foods.

Day 14: Morning Checklist for Kids
Challenge- Assign a chore to your kids.

Day 15: Back Workout at Home
Challenge- Take a walk.

Day 16: Food Documentaries to Watch
Challenge- Write a motivational note and place it where you’ll find it later.

Day 17: Simple Beauty Minerals Makeup
Challenge- Purge old makeup and decide which companies to support.

Day 18: Booty Boot Camp
Challenge- Make an exercise plan.

Day 19: Bella Gravida: Maternity Wear Rental
Challenge- Declutter and clean one room.

Day 20: Baby Foot Review
Challenge- Do something good for your skin.

Day 21: Biceps and Triceps Workout at Home
Challenge- Get 8 hours of sleep.

Day 22: Cherry Vanilla Popcorn Crunch
Challenge- Have a family night.

Day 23: Is Amazon Subscribe & Save Right For You?
Challenge- Make a price list of the things you regularly buy.

Day 24: Stay Motivated by Tracking Habits
Challenge- Record stats related to your goal.

Day 25: Full Body Workout at Home
Challenge- Have a spa night.

Day 26: Paleo Snacks and Staples
Challenge- Plan a week of meals.

Day 27: Love Your Laundry Room
Challenge- Designate and design a happy place in your house.

Day 28: Low Carb Pizza Recipes
Challenge- Swap one of your food vices for a healthier version.

Day 29: Best At Home Workouts
Challenge- Take 3rd step toward your goal.

Day 30: Holiday Resolutions
Challenge- Make some non-January 1st resolutions.

Enjoy the challenges, and hopefully after 30 days you’ll be feeling stronger, happier, and closer to your goals!

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