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30 Before 30 Ketchup

by Megan
30 is coming at me like a freight train. There is no going back.


Let’s step away from that scary thought for a moment and look at how well (or how badly) I’m doing on my 30 Before 30 list.
I have completed exactly half the list. 15 done, 15 left to go!
Here are some of the things I’ve checked off recently, but which I haven’t written a post about:
#3. create a routine of regular family scripture study, FHE, and prayer
With Carter now in Kindergarten, we have a very consistent morning routine. Daniel leaves to walk to school at 7am, which is the same time I have to get everybody else up and ready for the day, so at 6:50am, we all gather to read scriptures and say a prayer. We have never been able to do this consistently in the past, but now we are solid, every weekday morning! FHE is still 50/50, but we’re doing it!
#4. secret goal :)
#9. go to the family history center/further complete my family tree
I finally got off my behind and visited the local family history center. …deep sigh. It did not go as well as I hoped. Basically the very sweet elderly couple who were helping there did not have very good computer skills or knowledge of the program that they were using. Turns out I can do everything at home that I could have done there. But I did enter in all of the information that I had. My next step is to get more information and fill in the blanks in my geneaology.
#10. be successful and lucrative with my Cents of Style business
Speaking of things that didn’t go as planned… I was hoping to be more successful with the short time I was with Cents of Style, but it was just bad timing. The business is taking a new direction and moving away from consultants, which (just a little, kind of, sorta) left some of us a little high and dry. It’s okay though. It was fun while it lasted, and now it’s time to move my focus onto different things.

#12. invest
My dad’s company (which I work for) opened up a 401k, which I opted into, and which has already accrued a lovely little sum of money! If I keep working, I estimate that my little 401k might just pay for my kids’ missions and weddings! (They are getting college scholarships, hear that kids?)
#18. donate to Locks of Love
I did donate my hair– two full 12″ ponytails, in fact, back in May of 2012! I wrote a post about it, but failed to mention that it was a 30 Before 30 item!
#22. take a children/infants CPR class
The hospital where I had Harrison offered a children/infants CPR class for those in the maternity ward to attend, so I happily did. Easy way to check one off the list, and hey, you never know when you might need that knowledge (but I hope I don’t)!
Well that brings us up to date now. 15 to go! I’m actively working on a few this month, so I will update when they are completed!
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