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30 Before 30: #30

by Megan

If you hop on over to my “30 Before 30” page, you will see that number 30 on the list is crossed out! Daniel got me a Rubix cube for one of my Christmas presents, and I officially know how to solve it! I learned by watching YouTube videos for at least an hour tonight (maybe closer to two). There are seven steps, and the first three I have memorized. The last four have sequences of steps that I just haven’t memorized yet, so I still have to look at my notes. But it shouldn’t take me very long to memorize them, and then I’ll be solving this baby everywhere I go! As it is, I unsolved and resolved my cube at least three times tonight, so I’m pretty solid.

29 to go. Two years, four months, and 27 days left! :)

Edit: I have now memorized all the steps and have solved the cube repeatedly. I’m kind of obsessed. My best time is 3 minutes, 4 seconds. I am a master.

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Candace December 29, 2011 - 2:46pm

That’s awesome!! :)

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