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30 Before 30: #24

by Megan

Today I’m checking #24 off my list:  Associate myself with a specific cause/charity organization.

I didn’t complete this one quite the way I thought I would, but I’m happy with what I’ve decided.

While I don’t donate a lot of my time to any specific charity, I do help out in other ways. First of all, we practice tithing, meaning we give 10% of our income to our church. That is a major cut to our income, but the money goes to help people all over the world. Our church is often first on the scene of major disasters, and the relief effort is made possible by tithing.

Second, you know how you often get asked to donate to various causes at checkouts? Well I always say yes. I know that it’s just a small amount, but at least it’s something. I always think, “I would have paid an extra dollar for what I’m buying anyway, so I can certainly spare a dollar to help someone out.”

I really like this way of donating. I may not have one specific cause or charity, but instead I have LOTS!

I also regularly donate clothing and household items to Deseret Industries (“Mormon Goodwill”) or Goodwill, and we are often asked to help and serve other members of our church and community, whether that is visiting families to see if they need any help from us, bringing a meal to a new mom, or helping the youth with their projects.

So all those things, combined with the fact that I am a young mom who has her hands full with her little ones, make me feel like I’m doing my part.

Any other ideas how a busy mom can help others in need?

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Lynne May 22, 2012 - 8:29pm

I like all of your ideas. I had always given money to church, but this year decided to actually do a percentage tithe. It is scary to start out with that, but it is exciting to see how God makes it all work.

I like your idea about rounding up at the checkout counter, I do that too.

I don’t know what it is like in your area, but trivia nights and silent auctions are big fundraisers here. My husband went back to school (at the age of 50!) to become a licensed massage therapist, something he had always wanted to do, but couldn’t while we were working at getting our kids through grade school, high school, and college. He graduated 2 years ago, and is working at building his business.

There is a website that lists local trivia nights and fundraisers, and gives contact information. I try to look at that every month and choose some causes that we would feel good about supporting. I then email the contact person, and ask if they are still looking for donations to their silent auction, and if so, we could donate a gift certificate for a one hour massage. If they say yes, I send the certificate to them, along with the brochure about my husband’s business, and a few business cards. The cover letter thanks them for letting us be part of the event, and asks them to please display the brochure and the cards on the table next to the gift certificate if there is room. If my husband gets a new client out of it, that is of course great, but if not, we’ve done a good deed, and helped a good cause raise money. Maybe we will have also helped provide a massage to someone who could really use one, but didn’t feel they could afford one, as many times, items at a silent auction don’t bring the actual amount they are worth. It is a way to do good, and build a business. Of course, since it isn’t a “product” it is my husband’s time, I think it is somewhat easier than a person who has a craft or product business, because you are giving up a piece of your inventory that you aren’t getting reimbursed for.

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