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My 10k

by Megan

#16. Run in a 10k race

Well, I ran my race! It was a really great experience. The picture below is two minutes before the gun. I was saying hi to the kiddos before lining up.

My goals were to finish and to run the whole time without stopping or walking. I’m happy to say I accomplished both of those things, but in addition, I demolished my PR! I guess it was the combination of adrenaline and seeing people in front of me, but my pace was about 3 minutes faster than I’ve been training at for my long runs. When I ran 6.2 miles during training, it took me 1:45, but I ran this race in 1:27. I guess I need to be pushing myself a little harder! There were lots of times during the race where I felt so good that I really picked up the pace, and there really weren’t any times when I felt tired or like I needed to slow down. And I wasn’t last! About 2 miles into the race, we joined up with the half marathon runners who had started an hour earlier, so plenty of them came in behind me as well, but I beat several of the other 10k runners. And today I’m not even sore. Thank you, Asics!

Daniel was with the kids during the race. They saw me off at the starting line, and then they drove by a couple of times in the van. At one point they were standing on a street corner as I went by, and Carter was ringing a hand bell that they had given out, and then they were at the finish line. It was so cool to see them a bunch of times during the race, and it kept me going strong!

It was so great that…

…now I’m going to run a half marathon!

On the ride home, Daniel was telling me that one of our friends had put on facebook that she was going to run this half (Top of Utah), and she was asking who wanted to do it with her. We have also been wanting to go on a road trip. We both love to travel, but we are trying to save money, and we’ve gone to a lot of the places that are a day’s drive away. We’ve also been wanting to take another trip to SLC. I’ve only been there once, and it was during conference, so the temple was closed. So we quickly decided that we would drive up there in August so that we can visit our friends and SLC, and so I can run the half marathon! I talked to Rachel (our friend) yesterday afternoon, and she invited us to stay with them, so it’s a done deal! I’m so excited! This half marathon is mostly downhill, into a canyon, and hopefully by then I can improve my time just a little bit more. The course is open for 3.5 hours, and at my current pace I could run it in just over 3 hours, so I should be just fine! I can’t wait!

And if all of this wasn’t proof that I’ve caught the running bug, yesterday afternoon (day of the 10k), I felt the urge to go out and run again!

Thanks to Daniel for an awesome Christmas present, and for helping me to achieve my goals!

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Dani Duffy October 19, 2012 - 9:05am

Wow this sounds amazing, and well done!! I would love to run a race but get out of breath just looking at my trainers! We

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Dani xx

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