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3 Bath Time Must-Haves from Nûby™

by Megan

What does bath time look like at your house? Is it a “let’s get everyone in and out as quickly as possible” type of assembly line? Is it a stressful, tantrum-filled hour of coaxing your little one to get clean? Or is it an opportunity for Mom to get some quiet time, because your kids love baths and will happily play for an hour?

At my house it’s a combination. My kids do like their baths, and they tend to stay in for awhile. Plus, my 5-year-old and 3-year-old are able to be left on their own (I’m always just in the next room listening to them!), so I can grab a little quiet time. But it’s usually not long before they are screaming at each other and dumping water on the floor. Just yesterday I was giving my daughter a bath, and out of nowhere she dumped a whole cup of water on me!

Today I’m going to share with you three products from Nûby™ that offer three different solutions to making bath time a great time!

#1- The Educational Bath Toy

bath letters and numbers

If you have inquisitive kids who love letters and numbers, like mine do, you’ll love the Bath Letters and Numbers from Nuby. The numbers and letters are a lightweight foam that stick easily to the tub walls when wet.

nuby bath toys

I love the colorful designs on these- they are much more attractive than similar sets I’ve seen in stores. My kids love to stick the letters on the sides of the tub and try to figure out what word they made.

The Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers would be a perfect gift for a baby shower, or for any kid! All three of my kids love playing with these. Harry, at 8 months, mostly just picks them up and puts them in his mouth. Vanessa, my 3-year-old, likes to identify letters and put the numbers in order. And Carter, my 5-year-old little reader, likes to put together words.

vanessa nuby numbers

They are a hit with everyone!

#2- The Fun Distraction

splash and catch

Bath time is fun time for kids. They have much less interest in getting clean than they have in playing in the water! Bath time is when they get to play with toys that they don’t play with anywhere else.

The Splash n’ Catch™ Bathtime Fishing Set is a perfect tub toy, because it utilizes the water, making it a unique toy for the tub. The set comes with a catching net and four plastic aquatic animal links to catch. The animals can also be linked together.

splash n catch

Kids can use this toy to play together- one drops the links, and the other catches them in the net. I recommend adding bubbles for an added challenge!

The Splash n’ Catch set teaches coordination and dexterity, kids will have fun with it, and you may score yourself a few extra mommy minutes!

vanessa splash n catch

#3- The Scream Saver

tear free rinse pail

No kid loves hair washing time. Bath time might be going great, up until it’s time to wash their hair, and then they turn into an angry sea monster.

There are two ways to rinse a child’s hair: carefully and slowly so you don’t get it in their eyes (although you still do), or quick and dirty, getting water all over their face, but getting it over with. In the past, I would start out trying to get them to tilt their head back and do my best to not get the water and soap in their eyes, but then after a few minutes of fussing and failing, I would just dump water over their whole head as quickly as I could, until the soap was gone.

Hair rinsing is no longer a problem with the Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail. This big plastic cup has a soft, pliable edge which you place against your child’s forehead, and then when you pour the water over their hair, it doesn’t run down their face! Genius.

Nuby Tear Free Rinse Pail

This was great for both of my kids who hate getting water in their eyes!

There you go- three great products for solving all your kids’ bath time needs! Visit Nuby on their website and social media pages to stay informed about their latest greatest products for baby and kids!

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Kristine Foley March 3, 2014 - 11:22pm

I need to get my hands on all three of these! My girl’s would enjoy them all so much. Thanks for sharing!