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28 (27) day challenge

by Megan

I feel a little silly updating a blog that I don’t think anyone reads anymore, but I want to write this so I have it for myself anyway!

So I like my simple plan, but it’s not getting me the results I’m looking for, so I made a few decisions to hopefully jumpstart some weight loss.

First of all, just randomly the other night I decided that I would stop drinking soda until we go to Maine. We leave on July 8th, and we’ll be there for a week, and while we are there we will be taking family pictures! This is one reason I want to drop weight before then. I have been basically addicted to soda and drinking waaaaay too much of it each day, so I’m going cold turkey. It’s been five days so far, and I’m doing great. Haven’t even really craved it. We went to Jackson’s (Cynthia and Alma’s 1 year old) 1st birthday party on Saturday, and Cynthia had bought a whole case of coke with me in mind. Sweet of her, but I had to refuse! I’m hoping to see a big difference since I drank SO much soda, and now I’m replacing it with water. I have had a lot of juice in the past few days, which has helped me make the transition, but that brings me to my next decision:

I’m cutting out sugar for the next four weeks (27 days), starting tomorrow and ending on my birthday on May 23rd! That’s why it’s a 27, and not a 28, day challenge. I made the decision last night, and I wanted to give myself just one day to have a few things that I really enjoy before I go for the rest of the four weeks without sugar.

I hope to see a major improvement (of course I will need to watch what I eat and exercise as well), as my goal is to lose 22 pounds in 11 weeks. Totally doable if I have the willpower to do what needs to be done.

I started this morning with a 25-minute interval run at 5am! It was nice to finally get myself up and out of bed that early to get in a run before the kids are up. As soon as I got home and lay down, Vanessa woke up and wanted to be fed. So I fed her, and then brought her playmat into our room, because she seemed too awake to put back in her crib, but within 10-15 minutes she had fallen asleep, and the four of us (Carter had joined Daniel in my bed while I was out running) slept until almost 9am! Nice reward for getting up early!

Oh, and here’s a tip- I slept in my running clothes last night, so that all I had to do was jump out of bed, put on my sneakers, grab my iphone and headphones, and go. Of course, I did have to spend about ten minutes pumping before I ran, but most people wouldn’t have that issue! Vanessa is now sleeping a good 10-12 hours at night, and my body has not yet realized that and adjusted accordingly!

I’m going to try to blog every day for the next 27 days, so I can write how well things are going, what and when my cravings are, and see if I can possibly find a pattern to my poor eating habits!

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