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20 Wishes: September Update

by Megan

Last month I made zero progress on my 20 wishes. September was a little better; I checked off one more item and made some progress on a few others. Whether working on my list or not, it’s a busy life, and lots of exciting things are happening!

I’ve been plugging away at my marathon pre-training. The actual training starts October 12th! Wish me luck, and lots and lots of endurance!

We set our dates for a trip to Disneyland! Daniel and I are leaving baby Harry with my parents and taking our two older kids to California in November, for two fun-filled days at the parks. We are so excited to take this trip with them. We’ll get one-on-one time with the kids- Daniel and Carter will do Star Wars and superhero things while Vanessa and I meet all the princesses! And then all four of us will have fun together in Cars Land and other areas! Best part? It’s going to be a total surprise. We’ll pick Carter up from school and just start driving! When he asks why we aren’t going home, we’ll…well I haven’t figured that part out yet. Any ideas??


I started rehearsals for a new musical (written by none other than my husband!), which will be performed at the end of October. Oh yeah, and it’s being advertised on a billboard. NBD.


We’ve been having lots of fun watching Carter at soccer practice and at games…


…and he’s been doing awesome in his accelerated 1st grade class!


At church, I got moved into the Nursery, to help with the 18 month-2 year olds, which means Harry gets to join me! He’s just 15 months, but he’s having lots of fun playing with the other kids!


It’s been a busy month, and October will be similar, but we are looking forward to a quieter November/December. Here’s wishing!

Here is my list and progress so far:

1. complete a 5k, a 10k, a half-marathon, and a full marathon- ready to register for the marathon any moment- just getting a little trigger-shy!
2. dip Harrison’s feet in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans
3. get out of debt/save money
4. get all my photos and videos organized and backed up- was supposed to work on this…didn’t
5. record an album
6. do something fun for my 30th birthday
7. take a class, any class!- Newly checked-off item! I’ve been taking the Learn To Blog class from the very-knowledgeable Crystal and Kelli, for the past three Mondays, with one left to go! Great information in this course!
8. improve our backyard- I, um, did some weed eating and swept half the patio…sigh.
9. visit Maine/road trip cross country with my family/take throwback photos with my husband
10. embrace 30
11. attend two one more blogging conference- Next weekend!
12. make money from my blog
13. do something that scares me- No ideas! Anyone have a suggestion?
14. overhaul my wardrobe
15. have a mommy and me day with each of my children- Sorry, Harry, I need to get on this. Once it’s cooler, my mom will take Vanessa for the day, and I’ll have some Harry time!
16. optimize all blog posts/optimize my site- Working hard on this. 2014 is the year of organization/optimization. My deadline is the end of the year to have a solid system in place!
17. find the perfect pair of jeans
18. automate what I can (blog and life)- See #16.
19. go on an overnight staycation with Daniel
20. have a 24-hours-of-me day/treat yo self- Don’t know if I’ll ever get the full 24 hours, but I’ve had some great days lately!
(21. Do a show)

What are you wishing for?

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Cynthia Jean Kartchner September 25, 2014 - 10:23pm

Carter is going to love it! Tell him you’re going home, but you have to go somewhere else first. Not helpful, sorry!