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15 in 2015

by Megan

Can I confess something? I’m not ready for 2015. I’m excited for the new year, and I can’t wait to see what it brings, but I’m not ready.

2014 was supposed to be my year of preparation. Of getting myself together so that 2015 could be my year to take action. But I took on too many things, and a lot of other things got pushed to the back burner or just not finished. However, we can only look forward, and it’s time to think about the new year!

15 in 2015

Ideally I would have woken up yesterday morning with everything organized, ready to start my perfect new morning routine, and then complete my daily tasks one by one. But with everything I have going on, for the past few months I’ve only been able to do the things that are at the very top of my have-to-do list each day. Exhibit A: I didn’t even get this post done yesterday!

But even though I don’t feel ready, here is 2015. It will bring some new adventures and some old “to dos,” and we’ll get through it and love it.

So without further ado, here is my 15 in 2015:

15 in 2015

1. Run a marathon
Okay maybe this is cheating, because I’m all signed up and three-quarters through my training, but it’s still a big undertaking!

2. Lose 20 pounds
I won’t reach my weight loss goals in 2015 (read on to find out why), but I’d like to lose 20 pounds in the first few months. The way I’ll be doing this is by cutting out sugar again, from January through May. Cutting out carbs is so difficult, but I have had success with cutting out sugar, and the majority of my results came in the first few months. I have a few dates set aside as cheat days, such as our birthdays, the day of the marathon, etc. But I really want to lose those 20 pounds in preparation for…

3. Get pregnant
This is it, folks. We want four kids. We have three. And we are ready to complete our family. I will be both happy and sad to have my last pregnancy, but I’m definitely ready. I can’t wait to go through the baby stage all over again…and I can’t wait to move on once it’s over! The plan is to start trying at the end of May.

4. Establish a morning routine
This past semester I have been getting up as late as possible and then rushing to get ready. I’d like to get up earlier and have time to eat breakfast and get myself ready before getting the kids up and moving.

5. Be completely debt-free
Last year we paid off credit card debt, and we just paid the balance on our minivan. The only debt we have in the world is about $2300 of student loans, which we intend to pay off before the end of March.

6. Get our photos and videos organized
I know, it’s been on my goal lists for a long time. This is the year!

7. Finish Harry’s baby book
It was once a goal of mine to get Carter and Vanessa’s baby books updated and completed, which I did. Harry’s hasn’t even been opened…

8. Perform in a show
I am directing a show in February/March, and I’m really hoping to perform in the show after mine. If not, maybe I will do one over the summer or in the fall.

9. Travel somewhere new
This is another easy one, as I already have a trip scheduled in June, to iRetreat in New Orleans, where I’ve never been. But I will try to make it to a second new place!

10. Clean and purge every room in the house
We’ve actually been working on this over winter break, but I’m sure it will need to be done again several times this year! I wanted to save everything up and have a huge yard sale once we were ready to get rid of our baby stuff, but now I just want it gone. If we don’t use it or love it, it has to go!

And here come the blog goals!

11. Start utilizing my blogging system
I spent this year coming up with a blogging system/strategy that outlines everything I need to do daily, weekly, monthly, etc. But I’ve been too busy to implement it. I have a few blog housekeeping tasks that I should do first, and then I can get into the system I’ve created. Thus…

12. Blog Housekeeping
I need to enter my best posts into Edgar, for resharing. I need to fix my old posts, set up custom sidebars, reorganize my Pinterest boards, among many other things on my long list of to dos! Speaking of that list, I should organize it by priority.

13. Write less, promote more
Instead of just cranking out blog post after blog post, I want to write quality, evergreen content that is worth sharing and resharing. I need to make more time for promoting my best posts and spend less time writing anything that’s not useful to my readers or important to me.

14. Increase passive income
Sponsored posts are great, but I plan on doing fewer this year. Instead I would like to write great, keyword-based content that gets search traffic and therefore ad revenue. Last year I got my first Adsense payout, and I’m about to get another one. I’d like to get several more this year!

15. Finish E-Course
I have an e-course in the works that I really wanted to focus on and finish last year, but it’s not high enough on the priority list, and so it will most likely be pushed back to later this year. But it’s still something I really want to do, and I think it will be helpful to many people!

What are your goals for 2015? Anything major? Anything the same as what’s on my list? Let me know in the comments!

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Ashley January 2, 2015 - 1:52pm

We have a few in common, weigh loss for example. I want to lose 15ish pounds (again this year), but I refuse to let it come back. Increase my income from my blog as well. I as want to read more, I miss curling up with a good book and getting lost in it.

Megan January 7, 2015 - 12:49am

Totally agree on curling up and reading a book! I’d love to find some more time for that.

Nikki Ash January 2, 2015 - 10:02pm

I love your 15 in 2015! I love reading resolutions and goals that are actually realistic and attainable. A few of my goals are to be healthier, work out more often, be more positive and more confident.

Megan January 7, 2015 - 12:51am

Those are some great goals! I especially love the one about being more positive. We should all do that!

Janelle@ Domestically Seasoned January 3, 2015 - 10:55am

Your goals are fantastic for 2015, especially # 1 and #3!! I too want to get pregnant this year but won’t be running a marathon! Your blogging goals are great too, and get me thinking about my own. My blog needs some love this year!

Megan January 7, 2015 - 12:51am

Yay, we can be baby buddies! Good luck!

Becca R January 7, 2015 - 2:56pm

This list is inspiring! You are inspiring! I am also planning to accomplish #6 and #7. Well not Harry’s baby book… but yes I have a 5 year old and she doesn’t have a baby book yet. Ya… gotta start on that… It goes hand-in-hand with organizing photos and videos. And has something to do with my indecision… I took WAY too many photos of her first year, how do I decide which ones to put in a book? I blame the digital camera. I’d love your tips on this one. Happy New Year and good luck!!!

Megan January 8, 2015 - 4:08pm

You can be inspired by me when I actually complete the things on the list! Are you sure you don’t want to do Harry’s baby book for me? ;) I do actually have some tips for organizing digital photos! So glad you asked, hehe! Here are the links: https://shapinguptobeamom.com/organizing-digital-photos-part-1/ and https://shapinguptobeamom.com/organizing-digital-photos-part-2/

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