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12 Days of Christmas Blogger Exchange

by Megan

This month I got to participate in Britney’s (Jesse’s Girl) 12 Days of Christmas Blogger Exchange! I was set up in a three-way exchange, so I sent my gifts to Kate, and I received gifts from Stacey.

Here is a look at some of the things I received:

Jewelry, nail polish, hair accessories, etc! I love the Scentsy bar and the lotion. My sense of smell is super heightened right now because of the pregnancy, and some smells are turning me off, but these two scents are lovely!

The hot chocolate was also very nice to have on one pre-Christmas evening when I was just relaxing with my family.

However, I think my overall favorite might be the thank you cards! There’s a bunch of them, and they are really pretty. And it just so happens that I need to send some, so I’ll be using them for sure!

So thank you Stacey! I had tons of fun opening something new everyday and making my children jealous, because they had to wait for their gifts! Hahaha!

And I hope Kate loved the things I sent to her. I think there were a few clever surprises in there, including one gift that sent her on a scavenger hunt through the internet to find her prize. Thank you to Dropbox, a hidden page in Blogger, freetexthost.com, and tinyurl. ;) I hope it all worked out!

More Christmas posts coming soon! This break from school is…just what I needed!

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1 comment

Brooke December 26, 2012 - 8:49pm

So fun! I love blogger exchanges, and while I didn’t do this one, I always like to read about them. Yours looks awesome!