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11 Months

by Megan

I can’t even begin to explain how much joy this little nugget brings me every day!

Vanessa is now 11 months, and she is the sweetest, most easy-going, loving little girl. She just loves to play and explore everything around the house, and when we go out she just loves to look at all the new things she sees. She is very close to walking, and I think she will beat big brother, who walked about a week after he turned 1!

She is also just starting to say a few words. She says Mama and Dada, along with a lot of other babbling. I got her to say cheese the other day, and she has a peek-a-boo book and says “peek-a” when she looks at it! I also think I’ve heard her say “kitty,” referencing her favorite stuffy.

She adores her big brother and puts up with a lot of rowdy “love” from him. The two of them play together a lot throughout the day. She makes the funniest faces and loves to laugh and eat! She’s just so huggable and kissable, too!

Happy 11 months, Vanessa! You are almost 1 year old, my big girl!

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