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100th post!

by Megan

Yay! 100 posts!

And here is another top ten list:

My Top Ten Favorite Vacations

Honorable Mention- Salt Lake City- 2007
Daniel surprised me after work at Old Tucson with a two night trip to Salt Lake City and tickets to General Conference. He even called into work for me and brought along my list (see last post) to check off both “visit Salt Lake City” and “attend General Conference.”

10. Disney World- 1989
I was five, and we drove down from Maine- stopping in each state to say something to the video camera.

On the state line:
Megan: “We’re in North Carolina!”
Mom: “Virginia.”
Megan: “We’re in Virginia!”

Our first time to Disney World and Florida, not to mention the whole ride down the East coast- good times. Don’t remember much of it, but a lot of it is on tape.

9. San Antonio- 2008/2009
Last New Year’s, Daniel and I took a road trip to celebrate our third anniversary (which was in October- we saved our celebration for when we had more time). We had a great time, with Carter along, did everything we wanted to do, and enjoyed the beautiful city of San Antonio!

8. Bahamas- 2004
Celebrated my 20th birthday on Grand Bahama Island. Did some great shopping and enjoyed the beach. Later on some guy got bitten by a shark on the same beach where we stayed and went swimming!!!

7. Florida/Discovery Cove/Disney World- 2001
If you ever visit Florida, go to Discovery Cove. It’s like a paradise. Man-made white beaches, swimming with dolphins and manta rays, a long river that you can float down, and an aviary where a colorful bird landed on my head! One of the best days of my life!

6. Road Trip (Kirtland/Maine/Boston/NYC/DC/Palmyra/Nauvoo)- 2006
Our first major trip as a married couple- we drove from St. David to Kirtland, toured the temple there, then drove to Maine, visited Boston, NYC, and Washington DC while we were staying in Maine, then on the way back visited Waterloo and Palmyra (saw the pageant), Nauvoo (saw the pageant), and Carthage. We went to temples in Kirtland, Boston, Manhattan, Washington DC, Palmyra, and Nauvoo.

5. Italy- 1998
Have to include my one trip to Europe. Went with kids from school. Lots of fun! Ate a lot of ice cream and took a lot of tours. Cool hotels and elevators…

4. NYC- 2007/2008
During Christmas season in Maine, we went to NYC for New Year’s Eve and saw the ball drop in Times Square. Everything worked out perfectly. We saw three shows and rang in the new year with the biggest crowd in the world, after just finding out that we were having a baby.

3. Korea- 2007
Also have to include my one trip to Asia! Definitely an experience to see such a different culture. Let Daniel and Chris show us around places they knew from their missions. So good to see a part of two of the most incredible years in Daniel’s life.

2. Hawaii- 2005
Our honeymoon- Christmas in Hawaii. Time on the beach, tours around the island, and the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Laie Temple. Penguins right outside our hotel tower!

1. Key West- 2002
My favorite vacation so far! We rented a little house, walked up and down the whole island, great unique shopping and eating, sunset in Mallory Square, catamaran trip to the Dry Tortugas with great snorkeling, ghost tour (“you’re doomed!” “not on bahama avenue, this is all old people!”). We WILL return, and we WILL do the Key West Scavenger Hunt!

The trip I’m currently on may just make this list someday. We leave early tomorrow morning for NYC to see two amazing shows and hopefully two more at the library. Staying at a brand new hostel right in Times Square. Colony Music, geocaching, and thrifting in the Big Apple! Will report when we return!

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Kadi June 24, 2009 - 4:15pm

Congats on the 100th! My life seems even more pathetic after reading your post. I haven’t been anywhere!